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The crude oil is distilled in the heat distillation tower and separated by distillation of its component parts based on the boiling point ...

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    Danistania Its temperature is 15.6 ° C 820-860kg / m3 the most important feature is the cetane number, which should be more than 50 to make the engine soft and noiseless.

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    Hydrocarbons of diesel range between C14-C20 and C25 boiling point range is 385-250 ° C Gas oil mainly from three groups: paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic composition, has a minimum flash point of 54 ° C and 0 ° C is the maximum loss point.

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Diesel and heating oil (Heating Oil -HO) and diesel are in fact a matter but there are differences in their technical specifications in Diesel and industrial engines and heating engines even the ship’s diesel can be defined in the same direction


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Background: Araad refinery has been leading oil products producers amongst reputable private sectors was established in 2007 . Maintaining our legacy quality service , our operations span the globe and range from refining to marketable products. Our commitment to high ethical standards , legal compliance and integrity is reflected in our strategy , environmental policies and practices. Setting clear expectations considered to help our staff excel as efficient leaders. The strength of our team rooted back from our innovative managers for a highly desirable service to our customers delivering sustainable solutions to potential markets. Key role of our managers who demonstrate excellence in performance has brought us the opportunity to have good standing in the international competitive markets. Moreover we have been deploying talent and technology to diversify ourselves .
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